About us

Welcome to Heidi J Naturals, we are a family run business based in England with a passion for creating attractive skin care products using only the best natural ingredients available, which are carefully formulated here in the UK.

We have always been frustrated with lack of pure natural products available and the ones that are available being unsure of their true origins, ingredients and processes taken to create them. We have often found them to irritate skin and not live up to claims made by the manufacturer and that is where Heidi J Naturals was born.


We are big believers in the fact that the earth is the best source for healing and try to use that theory when creating our unique Vitamin C serum. Our serum is made with quality in mind, making sure we use only the most superior ingrediants which in turn provides you with the most effective product while still remaining affordable.

We have spent every effort to ensure we have the best natural anti aging serum available, it has taken 2 years to formulate but we now really feel we have accomplished our goals in creating a product we truly love and urge you to try it for yourself, you will notice the difference and love it too!


You can also rest assured that our products are manufactured in a Ecocert and cruelty free facility.